How to optimise your speaker career with a book - with Katie Mullen

Season #7

Katie Mullen is a sales trainer, speaker, podcaster, blogger, and author. She spent almost twenty years in sales across many industries and has researched customers in over 20 states on how they would like to be treated in a sales situation. This research combined with her many years of sales experience, is the foundation of her business and book.

In this episode

  • How to use your book to get more speaking engagements
  • How to use the book to increase your capacity to take on more client work
  • Researching to provide novel insights to your audience - and clients
  • Finding the false assumption that will boost sales
  • Telling the story that will prompt the reader to take action
  • How to boldly ask for book reviews
  • The power of the ugly-truth story
  • Trading immediate revenue for long-term success
  • Teaching skills over writing skills


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