Nice girls (and female authors) don’t speak up or stand out - with Dr. Lois Frankel

Season #7

If you're a female author or thinking about writing a book, this episode is for you!

My guest today is Dr. Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. Lois is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, executive coach, and an expert on how to achieve career success.

She authored numerous bestselling books, including the New York Times bestseller and business bible for women, Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office - which 20 years after it was first published, still rank at the top of Women in Business. In fact, it is in the top 0,05% of all Amazon books (#15000 of 32,8mio).

In this episode, she generously shares the good and bad from her journey as an author, and how she used her books to build an impressive career as an expert entrepreneur and role model for women of all ages.

In this episode

  • The story of how the 'Nice Girls' series created a brand new book category 
  • How a remarkably successful book title can turn people away
  • Novelty beyond new ideas and great content (one of the true secrets of the 'Nice Girls' success)
  • How personality style impacts the writing process
  • Turning a bestseller into a book series
  • How you can republish a book under a different title
  • Negotiating and working with publishers (and how some of them were not worth it)
  • The author's dream book - that no one wanted
  • The bumpy road - even after publishing a legend book
  • Turning authorship into TV shows 
  • The 3 ways female authors are making it more difficult for themselves
  • How to find the right literary agent


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