How to make 1,000$ or more per sold book - with Chris Benetti

Season #7

Chris is the founder of Smart Author Media and an expert in book marketing, focused on advertised-based book funnels. In 2023, Chris helped his clients collectively generate over 20 million dollars in sales - based on 19, 000 books sold. That is a whopping $1,000 in revenue per book sold. In this episode, he shares the strategies he used to do that.

In this episode

  • What are some of the most effective strategies to market a nonfiction book in 2024?

  • How to capture and use reader data
  • The true value of using paid advertising in your book funnel
  • The tradeoff between Amazon ranking and profits
  • The types of ads that work best in 2024
  • The three places you should run your book ads
  • How much you need to invest to test and get your ads working
  • How to turn advertising costs into profits
  • The ONE thing that dilutes profits if you miss it
  • How to know what you should be willing to pay for a customer
  • Why and when you should give your book away for free
  • How to 10x the amount of leads you'll get
  • How to convince prominent people to promote your book for you


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