Bestseller vs Invisible on Amazon with Dave Chesson

Season #6

How do you make sure your book doesn’t drown into the Amazon sea of “dead” books but hit the bestseller lists and bring in income every day?

In this episode

  • How to drill down and let data and market research guide your book topic
  • What does it take to become an Amazon bestseller
  • Eye-tracking study: the 3 key things to have on your book sales page
  • The ONE element potential buyers focus on on your book cover
  • Crafting the perfect book description (fiction vs. nonfiction)
  • 5 magic words that should always be at the end of your description
  • The single most important things in getting reviews
  • What you absolutely shouldn’t do when choosing your categories
  • [TOOL] Moving from guessing to knowing what will work for your book
  • Do traditional publishers have advantages over self publishers?
  • How traditional publishers choose which book to publish (not what you think)
  • How will Amazon deal with AI text and images?

About Dave Chesson

Dave Chesson is the founder of Kindlepreneur and has inspired thousands of authors to build their author careers on Amazon. He’s been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, ALLi, Huffington Post, and even Market Watch. Dave has also been a consultant for several of the major publishers.

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