The true essence of PR in book marketing with Sabina Hitchen

Season #6

If the thought of getting publicity for your book is intimidating - this episode is for you!

In this episode

  • Hear from Sabina Hitchin, a seasoned expert, as she shares invaluable insights and tips to navigate the world of media and PR
  • Explore the groundbreaking platform, prosper success, known for revolutionizing PR education and providing valuable media resources
  • Explore strategies to gain free coverage and validation through PR, amplifying your book's credibility and reach
  • Understand the distinct benefits of PR compared to other marketing approaches, and how it can uniquely propel your book or brand forward
  • Uncover the secrets to securing media features and interviews that can significantly boost your book's exposure and reader base
  • Discover why successful authors and entrepreneurs prioritize PR as an essential tool in their marketing arsenal, and how you can do the same

About Sabina Hitchin

Sabina Hitchen has been dedicated to shining a spotlight on small business owners and entrepreneurs of all kinds for over 17 years. She is the founder and CEO of Press for Success, an innovative platform highlighted by Entreprenur for it's ability to empower founders and small business owners, transforming them into confident "PR pros."

Sabina has significant experience with authors and has been featured herself in various media outlets, including Good Morning America, NBC News, ABC News, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Forbes, the NY Post and more. ‌

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