Can you make a living as a full-time nonfiction author?

Season #6

‌Unravel the transformative journey of Marc Reklau, a flourishing nonfiction writer. From resilience secrets to a consistency matrix, advertising optimization, and data-driven empowerment, discover how these elements can fast-track your dream of making a living as a nonfiction author.

Aspiring wordsmiths, your roadmap to authorial success awaits! ‌

In this episode

  • Discover how resilience can be your most potent tool in navigating the challenges of a writing career
  • Learn to turn setbacks into stepping stones toward your literary goals
  • Consistency is the key, and this episode elucidates its pivotal role in achieving your writing aspirations
  • Learn how strategic shifts can significantly impact your financial standing as an aspiring author while broadening your reach to a broader audience
  • Understand the value of data-driven decision-making and how it can empower you to tailor your strategies for optimal results

About Marc Reklau ‌

Marc Reklau is an accomplished nonfiction author known for his 13 books, including international bestsellers such as "30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life." His works have touched the lives of over a million readers across more than 20 languages. Mark's journey from job loss to bestselling author is a testament to his mission: empowering people to create the life they desire. ‌

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