Kicking ass in youth communities: Unleashing potential in young minds with a memoir with Cedric Thorbes

Season #6

We're sitting down with Cedric Thorbes, a passionate educator and community advocate who reached thousands of young people with his book 'Outspoken: The Memoir'. Cedric shares his remarkable author journey and the marketing strategies he used to advertise his memoir.

In this episode:

  • The power of mentoring
  • Finishing your book: The overwhelming emotions
  • Overcoming self-doubt and sharing your story
  • Public speaking as a vehicle for book sales
  • Reaching thousands upon thousands with local community strategies

Cedric Thorbes is an educator, community advocate, public speaker and an award-winning author. His personal goal is to inspire greatness in the younger generation. He believes in preparing children for life in general and helping his students and fellow educators accept/learn that there is no one path to success for kids as success takes shape in many forms.

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Outspoken: The Memoir