Marketing reworked
..for what all humans want 

Since the beginning of times, all humans have seeked to have fundamental human desires met. Being sold to is not one of them. 

Personal brands have often strived to present themselves and act like professional company brands. This book suggests, they are missing out on the biggest opportunity of all times; to stand out as relatable human beings and become true leaders of their tribe in their often transformational journeys.

MARKETING MADE HUMAN empowers COURSE CREATORS to fall in love with marketing and build a personal brand that customers will love to promote.

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Download Chapter 1 of MARKETING MADE HUMAN: 'History of marketing and why you feared it.' 
This chapter explains how marketers during an age of technological empowerment got off track and into a regime where discomfort and resistance to marketing is more common than loyalty and trust.  

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The complimentary workbook will make it easier for you to take action and do the work to have a clear intention for your personal brand and the relationships you need to build to produce customers so excited they will act as promoters for your brand.

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