The Struggles Women (And Men) Are Facing Using Video with Desiree Martinez

podcast youtube marketing youtube marketing for beginners youtube marketing ideas youtube marketing strategy youtube marketint tips Jun 15, 2020

In this episode, I talk to Desiree Martinez, an experienced Youtuber, and host of the Women of Youtube podcast show. We are discussing what it takes to succeed on Youtube and if it plays a role if you are a man - or a woman.

In this episode

00:00  Finding your natural tribe
05:54  How free content create need for paid services
07:21  Women fighting bro-culture on YouTube
12:48  Value-driven over vanity-driven
15:22  Corona on-camera virgins
17:42  Suck, learn and improve
19:31  Two powerful tips to improve your videos
21:20  Your best friend as a YouTube creator
22:45  This could kill your retention
23:40  How to end your video perfectly
24:40  The power of being mission-driven
26:53  The one thing to do when first starting out


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About Desiree Martinez

Desiree Martinez is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, tea addict, harry potter fanatic, and lover of pedicures. She is a highly experienced video creator & Youtuber. She is the host of the Women of Youtube Podcast, a speaker and the owner of Her niche is helping military wives build a business so they can work and have a career from wherever.

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