The biggest misconception about Pinterest revealed - with Cara Chace - Ep #21

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Cara is one of the best in the business of Pinterest marketing. When I first heard Cara speak a while ago, I had some incredible lightbulb moments. Therefore, I have asked Cara Chace to join me in this podcast episode to talk about how you can use Pinterest in your marketing. And boy did she share a lot of gold!

Pinterest users turn to the platform for its visual interface and the possibility of creating your own vision boards for inspiration and thus in a much nicer way than ie Instagram easily be able to revisit and categorize content over time. The users frequently return to the platform for shopping, planning social activities and life moments, and to learn new skills through how-to posts.

Launched in March 2010, Pinterest was the fastest site in history to reach 10 million unique monthly visitors and maintains a strong user engagement with popular topics and themes such as fashion, home, garden, and DIY. Subsequently, Pinterest forms a key instrument in the marketing and branding strategies for relevant brands and influencers as well as a powerful sales channel.

However....Pinterest is in my opinion an overlooked and under-utilized platform that by many a marketer is considered most relevant for planning weddings, gardening, and cooking.

Marketers are missing out on the potential of the rapidly growing platform due to one BIG misconception...

Get your notebook or notepad out and enjoy!

In this episode

04:00 Why Pinterest grew 38% in just one year

05:50 Pinterest is not a social media platform

11:08 Evergreen content with snowball effect

13:50 The introverts platform

15:08 Top of funnel powerhouse

17:23 The SEO benefit of boards you don’t want to miss out on

21:52 Pin rookie mistakes to avoid (best practices)

30:25 What not to do on Pinterest

34:45 Video pins and story pins

38:32 Using keywords wisely - Pinterest vs. Google

40:05 Pinterest Ads and return investment

47:55 Building a deeper connection on a non-engagement platform



Cara Chace is the creator of the “Pin Power Method” – a Pinterest marketing membership designed for online entrepreneurs. She started in social media in 2011 by managing 13 million fans across 17 social media accounts for a worldwide band. Since then, she’s gone on discover what makes a fantastic digital marketing strategy for online entrepreneurs by teaching how Pinterest fits into that strategy and creating lots of lightbulb moments. She loves nothing more than helping fellow business owners, except for a good book and one more cup of coffee.


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