Importance Of Human Marketing in Business

funnels human marketing mindset success Dec 30, 2019

To monetize your skill you need to shift your mind

Mere thinking about kick-starting a business gives you chills. Being the boss of your own self and branding yourself requires overcoming fears. But I have news for you: You don't have to fear marketing and selling. Not anymore. 

Being a solopreneur takes getting a little out of your comfort zone. Or rather you need to push the boundaries. I am here to help you gain the confidence so that you can expand your comfort zone and go from stopping your own progress to confidently showing up as the leader YOUR people need you to.

Confidence can be gained by taking actions and dealing with a fear of failures. Stop ignoring your fears and face them head-on. Fear is only our natural response towards anything new, even though there’s no actual danger. Taking baby steps and persistently moving forward will slowly change your self-confidence.


The importance of human marketing in business management is all about understanding that you are a PERSON and the people you are trying to convince to do business with you, they are also PERSONS. The number 1 mistake solopreneurs make is to work incredibly hard to position themselves as a professional COMPANY and brand. But guess what? People do not like to buy from professional brands. They like to buy from other PEOPLE. Think about your own purchasing processes. If you are making an investment in anything that is not a routine purchase here is what you will likely do:

  1. Google to find content sources (make sure they find you!)
  2. Consume some content to have enough information to know what to compare and what to ask in the next step
  3. Ask friends for recommendations (including Facebook groups and other communities)
  4. Read reviews (from strangers) on their 2-3 final candidates
  5. Read company website to get a feeling there is a serious business behind it (they might even skip that one if the evidence is overwhelmingly positive so far)
  6. Connect with purchase intent or buy from the website 

You see, you can spend tons of time polishing everything to look astonishing. But in fact, what they want is to find you in step 1 - with a big smile, a compelling personal message that resonates with them, and the opportunity to get to know YOU. Not your product. This is especially true if they are looking to buy a process from you. Some kind of transformation or educational content that will is more intangible and quite often require THEM to step out of their comfort zone. 

3 simple ways to show up as a real person from the get-go:

  1. Create YouTube videos that will show up in Google Search 
    People love to see your face, especially if you let yourself look like a real person. They want to see the honesty and sincerity in your eyes and get the full message across, not leaving out body language, tonality, etc. 
  2. Offer to connect in person
    If you already have some volume in your business, the connection may be to the extended you - someone in your team. If you are still a small business owner, offer your personal email. Having to respond to 10 or 20 emails per day at this stage of your business is a POSITIVE problem! You can add a specific email that you can later forward to your personal assistant.
  3. Tell your story
    Let them know why you are in a position to understand them and the struggles or desires they are facing. Help them see that you are on the same journey only you are ahead of them and can help them short-cutting their process because you learned the hard way what to do and what not to do. Help them see the full person with everything you are. Yes, you can keep things private but the more aspects of your life you are willing to share, the more likely you are to open up an easier-to-talk about topic which allows them to overcome potential barriers and connect with you. 

We tend to believe it is our professional skills that need to be the center-piece of our content. Though providing real value with our skills is important, it is not enough though. You need to think of ways to truly connect and give them what they need to evaluate if you are their PERSON.


Did you know that in general, only a third of the activities in the buying process has anything at all to do with your marketing? Well, you might have gotten the clue above in tip #1 but seriously.... are you taking that information in for real when thinking about how you are going to market and sell?

The logic is simple: If you as a consumer can go online and find lots of reviews and recommendations from strangers - and you are accustomed to asking your friends, family, and business acquaintances for advice, why would you think your customers are not sharing information about you, your products and services, and what's going on in your business and community? Of course, they will! Good and bad.

So here is the weird tip for you: Focus on producing happy customers! 

There! I said it. You should have a marketing plan, yes. You should produce content, yes. You should use paid advertisement, yes (especially retargeting). You should publish a book, yes (with me as your coach obviously 😜). You should...

But first and foremost, you should show up for your current customers and currently active members of your community or groups. THEY are your best marketing asset you could possibly ask for - if they love what you do for them, obviously.

3 simple ways to show up in a bigger way for your customers:

  1. Communicate with Zoom calls, video, and voice messages 
    Again, it's all about letting them see the real you and giving you the opportunity to understand what their real struggles are - and how they are blocking themselves from getting results. You need that info to get them results - and as you know, great results are their favorite conversation topic when engaging with their friends, their family, in communities and groups... you see where this goes?

  2. Have a personal and friendly onboarding process
    Help them connect with other people in the community. This will not only help them feel safe and provide an immediate sense of value but is also one of your best scalability strategies because it fosters self-regulation in the group. Inviting them to contribute will not only provide user-generated content and engagement-vitamins for the algorithm but will also allow the person to feel seen and acknowledged as an important member. Invite them with a personal video message, ie using Bonjoro which will allow you to put your personal welcoming-work into an efficient system.
  3. Reward the promotion they do for you (already)
    You can go as far as offering them a piece of the pie. Many platforms offer solutions to offer a commission for the people your customers are bringing to your business. I use Kajabi which allows me to easily offer a commission to those who promote my programs (yep, I am also a proud referral partner myself when I love a product). But you can also reward in non-financial ways like doing shout-outs, connecting them with useful people, give them an extra free session with you, promoting their content, sending them gifts or inviting them to special events. My favorite way is to commit to finding new ways to provide value to them though. Stay relevant. They do not wish to go elsewhere. Make sure they don't need to.


There is no hard and fast rule to make sure that the marketing strategy for a respective product will flock the customers just because it did in the past. Sometimes big names fail to deliver what small business entrepreneurs achieve. People do NOT have a preference for bigger brands. On the contrary. They want to be able to connect with a real person and that's often not possible with bigger brands. You should, however, not make yourself smaller than you are. Sure, a big number of followers provide some sense of success - but it can also easily foster a sense of inaccessibility. Are you really going to be there for ME?

Before getting into the pointers for better business management it is vital to cater to the fears too. Solopreneurs are often afraid of getting on the bad side of the potential clients or even get rejected since one of their jobs is to monetize their specialty and since they themselves AVOID and REJECT advertisement and anyone unfamiliar trying to sell them anything, how can one LOVE being the marketer themselves? We anticipate customers might also harbor negative emotions owning to the very same reason: A perception of marketing and selling (and to some even earning money) being undesired and perceived as an obscure, possibly dishonest, and thus also very difficult activity. Heck, I even had a belief I was not even aware of: I would become a BAD PERSON if I succeeded! I would become one of those sleazy salespeople, I am hanging up on and my friends and family (and I!) feel negative about.  

3 simple ways to show up in a bigger way for YOU:

  1. Shift your mind about your role as to a confident marketer 
    Marketing is not something you should to TO people but something you do FOR them. If you show up - as a real person - with an honest intent to help people overcome struggles and you help them decide if your community is right for them and if you are the right person to help them - then you deserve a crown and lots of kisses - and you have no reason to feel sleazy. You can LIVE this approach to marketing and make HELPING the centerpiece of everything you do. If you make it about them - the right people will make it about you!

    Read my book 'Marketing Made Human: The Art and Science of Creating a Lovable Brand' to help you adopt this mindset and build a marketing system to support it.

  2. Stop making yourself smaller
    All humans are equal. All are looking for the RIGHT person to help them. The world is big enough to cater enough customers for everybody who shows up for real and provide real value. You are many steps ahead of those you want to help. You are equally worthy of success and equally worthy to serve the people who are already out there looking for exactly YOU because you are the best match to them personality wise and skillset wise. The desire you feel inside you to help other people solve problems or release dreams is real. It comes from somewhere. So STOP STOPPING yourself from success. You are enough. You don't need to first turn into something you are not.

    You can do this! You are an amazing marketer already. How do I know this? Because I think you are reading this because you have an honest desire to HELP people figure out if they are ready, and an honest intent of showing up for those who are a good fit for your business. And I am here to help you if you feel that I am your person to support you on that journey. I think I might be since you are still reading these lines 🤓.
  3. Find support in a peer group
    We all need people around us who get us and to be honest, your current circle of trust might not be able to give you the support you need. You can still love them. Just make sure you spend lots of time around people who will and can lift you up without fear of losing you as the person you currently are. You will grow as a person as you grow your business. And you might outgrow some of your relationships. You have to be willing to accept that things most likely will change in this area. Don't grow and struggle alone. Find a group of people on the same journey as yourself. 

All woo woo in human marketing?

No. Nothing in human marketing is woo woo. But it does entail a different mindset. However, it all still find shelter in digital marketing and automation. Technological advancements and online marketing strategies might have taken over human marketing in many situations but at the end of the day “people don’t buy from businesses, people buy from people!”

It should be kept in mind that “Marketing is meant to sustain your brand’s presence not to remedy its lack of acknowledgment.” Human marketing is about authenticity, about honest intent of helping, and it's about valuable conversations. In order to sustain a significant position in the market, there are a few things that we should add to our human marketing road map to attain desired results: You need insights, exposure, funnels (or to build runways as I like to call them, so people can land safely in your business) and systems to convert to sales.

Human marketing is a mindset and an intent of generously serving. It is also about acknowledging reality: The activities in peoples purchasing processes are primarily happening out of your control as a marketer, and all you can do is to produce exceptionally delighted customers and members of your community who will voluntarily promote your brand. A part of that is to help any person coming closer to you feel well-received and generously served in the process of deciding whether or not you are the right person to help them solve their problem.

A few simple ways to show up at the front-end:

  1. Learn to read
    Learn to read people, and understand your preferred people to work with before planning, investing in branding, do website design or anything else. The first thing after sorting out your niche is to understand the psychology and needs of the client. You even need to understand them better than they do themselves in order to be able to identify real roadblocks and real needs but to understand how to give them what they FEEL they need right now, even if that's not what is going to give them the result they want. Only after catering the perceived need, you can get access to serving the real need.

  2. Brand yourself - not the company
    Find out what makes you stand out, create your visual brand identity and pour in your all. Personal branding is vital for maintaining your place in the market. Accept you will pivot several times as your business grows and that is perfectly ok. You can't know it all from the beginning and only after engaging with your preferred customers long enough can you learn what exactly is attracting them to you and making them stay with you. Really, pivoting is only a problem if you are only a 'designed' brand and not show up as the real you. YOU will be the same even if you later pivot your business. The very reason why you want to build a personal brand.

  3. Offer more touchpoints
    Chat-bots rock. Use them to be able to show up in more places. People love real and instant interaction. Find the perfect balance between automation and human interaction. Also, repurpose your content to be able to be present at more social media platforms. You can hire people to do most of that if you create a podcast or video series. Sharing your knowledge from time to time in well-planned webinars and getting on live on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn are some of the best marketing tactics to show up more. Offering giveaways or freebies is indeed also an essential part of a successful sales funnel. A freebie is a depiction of your qualities and your skill level and a preview to the paid stuff. It could be an e-book, info graphs, video series, podcasts or whatever will bring immediate value.


Human marketing reflects how much one is willing to pour heart, brains, and energy into one's business. It’s all about coming true and bare in front of your clients and showing how much you care and cherish the people who are part of your growth. It attracts your true tribe and makes your community just like you wanted and hence makes work more fun and engaging.

It's really very simple: If you don't care - neither will they. Your marketing cannot be something that is happening TO them. It cannot be something you avoid either. Because in order to make a decision to move forward, they need you to HELP them decide. Like Phil M. Jones says: "A salesperson is a professional making-mind-upper".

Read my book 'Marketing Made Human: The Art and Science of Creating a Lovable Brand' to help you adopt this mindset and build a marketing system to support it.

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