How to improve your Amazon ranking and sales using chatbot automation with Michelle Barnum Smith - Ep #24

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Michelle Barnum Smith: How to improve your Amazon ranking and sales using chatbot automation

Where do people learn about which products meet their needs? Well, there is a pretty good chance Amazon would be their first choice.

In this episode, my guest is Michelle Barnum Smith, Queen of Amazon chatbots and we discuss strategies for automated campaigns that can significantly improve your ranking and skyrocket your sales during product launches keep your ranking at a high level.

Self-publishing authors, pay attention because this can be a game-changer for you!

In this episode

  • 07:00  The easiest way to build a retail business online
  • 09:01  Three ways to use ManyChat bots to boost sales on Amazon
  • 12:55  Create conversations that are simultaneously personalized and automated
  • 15:19   Keywords strategies for ranking books and other products on Amazon
  • 17:02   Product launch campaigns that will nudge people into elevating your ranking
  • 19:35   What to do if your ranking sucks and nobody sees your product
  • 21:04   How to avoid significant ranking drop immediately after launch
  • 22:36   How to maximize the benefits of chatbot subscribers
  • 25:45   Automate getting reader reviews for your self-published book
  • 27:23   Turn book readers into customers for your online courses
  • 29:27   Should you create ad campaigns inside ManyChat?
  • 30:50   Should you use Amazon Ads?
  • 32:20   How to comply with policies and avoid Amazon or Messenger jail
  • 37:07   Holiday campaigns (with FREE templates!)
  • 38:40   What the future holds for Amazon Sellers


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