How to create a captivating book promotion webinar

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If you've been around for a while in the online teaching space, you know hosting webinars is a great way to sell digital products. I am sure you'll agree how exhausting hosting the same webinar over and over can be. It feels like it HAS to be worth your while to be able to still infuse it with energy the 15th time you are hearing yourself recite your rehearsed message.... dang... so exhausting.

Michael Port and Andrew Davis managed to spark my curiosity in an email so I decided to just quickly check out the video they mentioned. 


Just wow.

15 minutes in, I realised I was still watching.

A bit further I realised.. .oh.. this is a prerecorded sales webinar!

Almost at the end, I realised this was a book promotion.

Why is this experience important?

Because people hate to be sold to. But this video was so genius, I couldn't stop myself from watching even if I wanted to.

In fact, I decided on the spot to invite the guys on my podcast to talk about what they did and how they used it. You can check out the interview HERE.

In this post, I want to break it down, so you can use it to model your own prerecorded book promotion webinar.

You can use it in so many ways:

  • Pinned social media post - as a welcome on your page or in a group
  • On your website in the about section or even to pitch yourself as a public speaker
  • On the book's website (also check out this post about how to make a 3-minute book trailer)
  • As 'watch parties' online - go live in your chat to answer questions
  • As inhouse watch parties (in B2B sales meetings)
  • .... (let me know what creative ideas you have)

First, I'd like you to go watch Michael and Andrew's webinar HERE. It's the 55-minute video in the middle section. Then come back here to study my breakdown of the webinar below so you can use the same structure to create your own. 

🚨 You do NOT need to film as professionally as this to use this framework!

🤓 You can use this framework to sharpen your message even before finishing up writing your book!

No, go watch the video :) 

How to create a captivating book promotion webinar

 BREAKDOWN of the video - don't kill me if the seconds are not exact.

  • 10 seconds - pro video footage showing both authors on stage - the desired destination of the viewer/reader AND the arena for the authors' authority
  • 15 seconds - mention of the book and if the viewer is in the right place
  • 30 seconds - the specific benefits of reading the book
  • 15 seconds - the overall goal the reader has and how everybody can achieve it ("and no fame required")
  • 15 seconds - the framework the book presents and repetition of the goal (how much a speaker can make)
  • 5 seconds - set expectation of value in this webinar (we created this webinar ...)
  • 10 seconds - amplify the goal (from 1 speaking gig to 100)
  • 10 seconds - introduce the problem (the keynote conundrum). Note how they use a term for it that is repeated and that will likely be part of vocabulary
  • 1 minute - explain the problem
  • At 3:15 the reader/viewer is introduced as a participant in the conversation
  • The explanation and breaking down of the problem continues
    • Present a list of beliefs: I just need this
    • Show how these beliefs are limiting results and solution is wrong
  • Note how background footage supports the messages
  • 7:15 change of scene + repeating the book title just as text on-screen (I already forgot about the book at this point and just want to learn how!)
  • 1 minute - the solution (we don't get keynotes, we earn them) and explanation of what a referable speaker is. (Note here is another point they repeat: You are not the product, the speech is. What are your 3-4 statements your book is shaped around?)
  • 1 minute - what you tried before was not great advice - here is what to do instead (give them new hope)
  • 9:42 - include 3rd party source to provide evidence and give credibility to your claim (top 3 ways event organisers select speakers)
  • 11:16 change of scene (creates variety)
  • 4 minutes - a story from real life told like a movie with the actual characters playing themselves
  • 15.30 you big claim of benefits ("and that is the power of a single referral.... [the benefits every reader dream about]
  • 16:10 new scene
  • Teaching section with the 4 types of speakers - the authors call out subsegments in their target audience sharing this framework. Note, how they introduce the surprising category that will remove the objection 'I am not known enough to have speaker success'.
  • 19:06 what it takes to become a speaker in the surprising category
  • 19:45 introduce 3 key elements of success (out of 10 in the book). A subtle wail to let me know there is so much more I need to know. Note the acronym FEE - directly related to what the reader wants: income.
  • 20:25 new scene, new topic. The concept is explained by showing what it is (authors acting the roles). The exponentiality of the potential income is geniously illustrated by the increasing speed.
  • 25:00 change of scene - the FEE acronym. A simple effect here is changing the media - this time a whiteboard. 
    • Removing the worry about having to be famous
    • Tying it to the key message
    • And showing you dont need to do more but less (stop customising your speech for the audience) 
    • Remove the worry about having to be an expert (and open for new opportunity) - Expertville vs. Visionary Town
    • Note again: Giving everything unique original names stresses authority, ownership and makes it memorable and sharable
  • 48:40 concluding
    • what the reader does (and IS) now (an expert) is not going to work in the future (commoditised) - this creates urgency for change
    • the overall steps - where to begin
    • segway into talking about the book
    • repeating the key benefit
    • turning the discomfort into the fuel needed

I recommend you create your script with three dimensions in parallel:

  1. What so say (the message, concepts)
  2. What to show (teaching scenes, visualisations, 3rd party footage, evidence)
  3. What to do (infuse humor, demonstrate novelty/research, be relatable)

 I would love to see your book promotion webinar!

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