How to Build a Thriving Self-Driven Community with Lou Mongello - Ep #009

entrepreneur funnels marketing marketing made human podcast small business owners Jun 15, 2020

In this episode, I talk to Lou Mongello, one of the grand old men when it comes to community building, blogging, and podcasting. He shares how to build a thriving self-driven community and which media are the best to do so.

In this episode

03:55  Life-long passion as a business driver
07:29  The one factor that will determine who is in your community
08:45  How Lou built a community organically
10:57  Making it up as you go along
13:37  Loved by marketers - but gives Lou the heebie-jeebies
15:07  The return on social equity and how support creates a sense of belonging
18:51  Community-driven content creation
19.39  Lous best strategy for fostering a meaningful sense of community
22:14  How to manage a self-moderating community
27:05  Vanity metrics don't matter in your business
30:35  The only number that matters when measuring influence
32:37  The most intimate medium to build relationships
35:18  Conversation strategy wins


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About Lou Mongello
Lou is a Disney expert and named one of the Top 50 Social Media Influencers, ranked #2 overall podcast in iTunes with WDWRadio, named Best Travel Podcast for 9 consecutive years. He is also a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, author, and founder of The Dream Team charity project, which sends children with life-threatening illnesses to Walt Disney World.

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