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build email list list building online business strategies Aug 01, 2018

Conversations on the topic of list building seem to lack nuance with a tendency to focus on which media is performing best. The thing is, your first question should be, how your niche is distributed in 5 different audiences based on your current relationship.

Are you targeting cold traffic who have no idea who you are or warm traffic who have previous knowledge of who you are and some level of trust?



  • Cold Audience 1: Friends of Friends

    Some of the people in your niche won’t know you at all. When they see your name for the first time, they will have no idea about who you are or what you can do for them. But there is an opportunity to engage those who already know you in activities that are broadcasted in the news feeds of their friends on social media. Who would you listen to more? Someone you never heard of or someone your friend listens to?

    Activate and engage your followers in activities RELEVANT to your business so that you will attract the right people to your list.

    Examples of relevant strategies include live webinars, Facebook live events, shareables and links within your free giveaways, viral contests, and challenges, etc. Employ strategies that trigger social media engagement.

    Free PDF: Get the 9 list building strategies to inspire strategies for cold traffic!

  • Cold Audience 2: People who are actively looking for a solution

    Most often the majority of the people in your niche are currently not your friends or friends of your friends. So you need more strategies to capture leads.

    People that actively look for a solution use keywords to try to find you. Are you present and visible where they are looking?

    Talk to people in your niche. WHERE are they looking for solutions? Which KEYWORDS do they use when looking? Reel them in with value-loaded content that solves part of the problem.

    In many cases, you will be able to repurpose your content, using it in more than one channel. Slideshare, Youtube, and Amazon are just some of the media to consider.

Free PDF: Get the 9 list building strategies to inspire strategies for cold traffic!

  • Cold Audience 3: People who are passively looking for a solution

    This group of people is definitely aware they have the problem you can solve, and they are interested and alert when it comes to finding a solution. However, they may not be actively seeking, so thinking about keywords won’t help draw them to you, and they will only see your content if they stumble upon it when looking for or being engaged in something else.

    Find out where your audience hangs out for information in general. Grab their attention with useful content that will actually solve part of the problem. Make it evergreen content that will be available for a long time. Curate content that others can use as a reference and create backlinks to. Online magazines are an example of that.

    Paid advertisement can also be relevant to target this group. Establish there will be a return on investment. Have a product to sell. Make sure the people you are targeting love that product confirm that they are willing to pay for it.



  • Warm Audience 1: Website visitors

    I never had a client who couldn’t do so much more to capture leads from their own website. The strategies include a feature box, shareables on thank you pages, segmented giveaways, questionnaire pop-ups, content upgrades to blog posts, about pages that are the hero of your website, etc. 
  • Warm Audience 2: Social media visitors

    People often believe that social media followers hold the same value as email subscribers. Apart from the risk involved in not having control over this asset (seen before: this asset can be taken away from you tomorrow!), the value of each lead is much higher on a responsive email list.

    People often miss the fact that only a fraction of your social media audience will ever see your posts unless they frequently interact with your content! Social media platforms are businesses, and they increasingly prioritize PAID content over free content when selecting content to present in your audience’s news feed.

    You should therefore also have strategies in place to convert social media followers to email subscribers and make sure social media followers are aware of the opportunity to access exclusive and very beneficial content by signing up to your list.

You should implement one strategy at a time and establish that works for you before moving on to the next. This free PDF gives you 9 targeted list building strategies for cold traffic, which is where you should start if you have limited traffic to your website.

QUESTION: Which list building strategies are you using?

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