The Rebel Method 

How to Become a Nonfiction Author: Tips to Writing & Self Publishing Without Losing Your F*cking Mind

A rebels proven framework to help clever minds get published this year - by Malene Bendtsen 

You want to become an author and raise your authority. You know a book will be the single most important asset you'll ever create in your business. And you know you can write a great book and audaciously promote it without blushing. 

But you haven't. Yet.

This condensed, visually appealing, no-fluff, non-boring, but opinionated book will help you:

  •    Write the right book for your business
  •    Get published faster and with less hassle
  •    Know the secrets of bestselling authors

The time has come for you to pursue the next level in your business adventure. You waited long enough.

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